HYm-201 Mobile Hydraulic Systems (formerly MHDCT)
HYm-201 Mobile Hydraulic Systems (formerly MHDCT)
This second level mobile hydraulic course is designed to advance the skills and knowledge in using and using and applying closed circuit and open circuit mobile hydraulic drives and controls.

Target Audience
Heavy duty mechanics, maintenance technicians, engineers, designers

4.5 days

1895 CAD

  • A brief review of the hydraulic principles and formulas and how they will apply
  • Closed circuit pump technology
  • Special precautions with closed circuits
  • Auxiliary circuits
  • Common closed circuit pump and motor control types and operation
  • Open circuit pump technology
  • Common open circuit pump control types and operation
  • Special considerations for open circuits
  • Hydraulic motors for open and closed circuits
  • Fixed vs. variable displacement motors
  • Variable displacement motor control possibilities and set-up
  • Load breaking and holding in open and closed circuits
  • Open circuit valve types, terminology and operation
  • Pilot operated, electrical and electro-proportional valve control
  • Introduction to electro-hydraulic control with CAN-BUS
  • (structure and operation)
  • Approximately 60% lecture and 40% hands-on lab time


HYm-101 or equivalent post trade hydraulic training is required to gain admission

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