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About Classroom Manager

Back in the 1990's we needed a tool to keep track of our trainers and course evaluations.

We also needed some way to get completion and evaluation data back to our clients. Our goal was to create an application that enabled us to schedule classes, assign instructors and enable students to register for the class in three or four clicks of a mouse. It needed to be fast and easy-to-use.

In 2001 we partnered with one of our training clients and worked with them to refine the product and make it an idea tool for professional training groups within corporations. Since that time, with every new client has come new ideas. We continue to expand the features and flexibility of Classroom Manager.NET.

Because the product was designed in partnership with professional training organizations, every feature is there because it was needed by one or more training groups. This is different from many similar products where training is simply an additional piece added to an accounting system.

The other difference is that we truly manage the training from beginning to end. Our tool incorporates curriculum management, scheduling the event, enabling students to register, obtaining supervisor approval, course reminders, instructor communication, student sign-in, course evaluation, printed certificates and reminders of repeating requirements.

Classroom Manager.NET is now widely used throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Asia Pacific

Online Student Registration

With ClassroomManager.NET enable students to register from your site. Students see a course; Click on the course; Register for the course. No email or phone calls to you.


Easily generate training reports by student, by date range, by course, by location, by facility, by employee id...

Course Reminders

Let Classroom Manager.NET send event reminders a few days before a class begins or send follow-up information automatically after a class ends.

Evaluation & Tests

All evaluations are automatically consolidated into an easy to read online report and they can be downloaded into Excel for a more detailed analysis.

Training Calenders

With ClassroomManager.NET you create as many different calendars and course catalogs as you need and painlessly insert them into your web site.