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Course Reminders

You certainly have better things to do than to manually send class reminder emails to students.

Classroom Manager.NET can be set up to send a general reminder a few days before a class begins and also send course specific information to students several times after a course has ended.


Course Reminders

Let Classroom Manager.NET send event reminders before a class begins and send follow-up information automatically when a class ends.

Annual Requirements

When a student is in a learning path, you can run reports to see which people are up to date and which are late with their annual requirements.

Easy Setup

No programming or installation required. That is our job. We will take care of the initial setup and work with you to configure the options that will work best for your group.

Online Student Registration

With ClassroomManager.NET enable students to register from your site. Students see a course; Click on the course; Register for the course. No email or phone calls to you.


Easily generate training reports by student, by date range, by course, by location, by facility, by employee id...

Course Reminders

Let Classroom Manager.NET send event reminders a few days before a class begins or send follow-up information automatically after a class ends.

Evaluation & Tests

All evaluations are automatically consolidated into an easy to read online report and they can be downloaded into Excel for a more detailed analysis.

Training Calendars

With ClassroomManager.NET you create as many different calendars and course catalogs as you need and painlessly insert them into your web site.