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Review some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q. How much internal support will we need from our IT group to implement ClassroomManager.NET?

A. We are not in competition with your IT group. They are very busy and this is one solution that they will not need to worry about. We take care of the updates, the backups, the server maintenance. There is nothing to install on your end.

Q. We offer internal classes for our employees and classes for our customers. We need to collect different information on the registration form. Can ClassroomManager.NET do this?

A. Yes. You can create several different registration profiles and select which fields will appear on the registration page for each course.

Q. If we want to, can ClassroomManager.NET synch with our HR employee database?

A. There are several ways to upload your employee census records into Classroom Manager.NET. Some clients will manually upload a file once a week and for others we can work with your IT group to automate the process. If census records are uploaded all training records will be updated with the correct information from the file.

Q. What is the difference between an Evaluation and a Test?

A. Evaluations are anonymous forms that can be automatically sent out after a class has ended. For a test, a person must have the test assigned to them and they must login to ClassroomManager.NET and go to the test.

Q. We have several vendors that we use for training and we do not always know who the instructor will be. How does ClassroomManager.NET handle this?

A. You assign the room and the time and your vendor assigns the instructor. Each of your vendors will have an account created for them at no cost. When you schedule a class, you assign a vendor to the class. Your vendor administrator will be able to see the courses that you have scheduled for them and assign one of their instructors to the class.

Q. We have had problems with instructors showing up on the wrong day or for the wrong class. Can ClassroomManager.NET help?

A. Yes! One of the exciting features of the application is its ability to distribute relevant information to the right people. For example, when you schedule someone for a class, your class instantly appears on their calendar. There is no need to have several email and phone confirmations because everyone uses the same calendar!

Q. Can this product identify scheduling conflicts?

A. Yes! Your schedule is always checked for double booked rooms or instructors. They show up with a special background color on the administrators calendar.

Q. Who has access to what information?

A. We have several different permissions that users logging into ClassroomManager.NET might have:

  • Administrator
  • Scheduler
  • Instructor
  • Supervisor
  • Employee

Administrators have full access to everything for your company all the time. They can: create, edit and schedule courses; Create and manage user accounts; View all seating charts and Evaluation details; Configure the automatic email options. In short, they can do anything.

Schedulers are the people dedicated to scheduling instructors for classes at clients or scheduling new classes at your location. They are like administrators except that a scheduler may not create new courses and they may not see evaluation results. Schedulers are also the people automatically notified when a client makes a change to the time or status of a class.

Instructors only have access to the schedule, seating charts and evaluations for their classes at any location. They may not edit anything. All people with Instructor permissions will appear in the list of your instructors.

Supervisors have the ability to see the training records of users that report to them. When it is selected, supervisors will also approve training requests for their people.

Employees have the ability to see their own training records, tests and edit their individual learning paths.

One user can have all permissions.

Q. Can a vendor change my schedule?

A. No! The only change a vendor can possibly make to your schedule is to assign their instructors to the classes that you assigned to the vendor. They may not change the times, dates or locations of the course. In addition, a vendor can only see their classes on your schedule.

Q. We have several clients and locations where we provide training. How does that work?

A. It is a dream come true! On one calendar you can display all of your classes at all your clients at all locations and the best part is that you did not have to do anything to make it happen and you know it is exactly what your client has. You can also display only the classes for a particular client on your calendar. You can be both a client and a vendor in ClassroomManager.NET.

Q. Do I need to know HTML to make this work?

A. No. You can enter everything just like sending an email. If you do know HTML we have the option for you to turn on HTML editing to enable colors, images, tables, underlines and the like to be inserted into your web content.

Q. Do I need other applications installed on my workstation?

A. NO! This is a 100% web based content management solution. There are not even any plug-ins required for your browser. You can edit any part of your program from any web browser.

Q. I am an instructor that trains at several different companies and really like the idea of having real time access to the courses they have scheduled for me to teach. How can I use this?

A. The ideal solution would be to contact your clients and tell them about us! If they are a brand new client and they start using ClassroomManager.NET for at least six months, not only will you have instant access to your evaluations and seating charts but we will send you a rather nice financial reward to say thank you! If you are lucky enough to have several clients using ClassroomManager.NET you will see all of your classes at the different locations combined into one calendar at no cost to you.

Q. Where did this come from?

A. A few years ago we developed the prototype of this product as an in house tool that was used to keep track of our enrollment, evaluations and billing It turned out to be so easy to use and powerful that we have expanded its abilities and are offering to you. It was created by professionals in the training community who know what you are up against and how to fight it!

Q. How can I get started?

A. Contact us at info@ClassroomManager.NET or call us at 612-860-6379 and we will get your account set up right away!

Online Student Registration

With ClassroomManager.NET enable students to register from your site. Students see a course; Click on the course; Register for the course. No email or phone calls to you.


Easily generate training reports by student, by date range, by course, by location, by facility, by employee id...

Course Reminders

Let Classroom Manager.NET send event reminders a few days before a class begins or send follow-up information automatically after a class ends.

Evaluation & Tests

All evaluations are automatically consolidated into an easy to read online report and they can be downloaded into Excel for a more detailed analysis.

Training Calendars

With ClassroomManager.NET you create as many different calendars and course catalogs as you need and painlessly insert them into your web site.